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Sensory Processing

Sensory processing is a mind-brain-body feedback loop in how our bodies intake sensations from our body, the environment and then produces an outcome from it.

We use this to understand what is happening to ourselves, to others and the surround. It enables us to respond effectively, appropriately and accurately.

The process of using this information is how our mind learns and develops adaptive interactions.

It is how we perceive, plan, prioritize, understand, recognize, organize, conceive, reason, experience and remember our experiences by.



Define the 8 senses

The 5 that we are all aware of:

Taste- Gustatory

Smell - Olfactory

Sight - Vision

Hearing - Auditory

Touch -Tactile


The 3 that isn't so commonly known:

Proprioception - is the sense of the relative position of one's own parts of the body regarding position, motion, and equilibrium and strength of effort being employed in movement Even if a person has their eyes closed they know through proprioception that their hand is raised or the knees are crossed (as examples).

Vestibular - is the 1st system to form in the womb, is an inner ear system responsible for: routing auditory, visual, and tactile information from the environment to the appropriate areas of the brain for balance, coordination, muscle tone, reflex integration, postural control, emotional regulation, & awareness of our body in space.  

And plays a very significant role in motor output, self-regulation, reading, writing, & expressive language.

Interoception - the sense of the physiological condition of the body which one perceives pain, hunger, etc., and the movement of internal organs..As humans, we perceive feelings from our bodies that relate our state of well-being, our energy and stress levels, our mood and disposition.This system constitutes a representation of 'the material me', and provides a foundation for subjective feelings, emotion and self-awareness.