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BrainAzium is holistic Occupational Therapy clinic using the latest integrative approaches and technologies to assist in integrating and syncing the brain and body as well as developing the brain to reach its full potential. Therapists at BrainAzium work with individuals, groups and families of all ages with or without a diagnosis. Neuroplasticity is our key component that all of our therapies are based upon. Neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to strengthen or make new neuronal connections throughout its lifetime. With neuroplasticity we can strengthen, change and or rewire the brain! This also directly works the brain body connections and sensory processing.


The Therapies we use are multi-sensory brain-training integrative therapies. That focuses on integrating the senses and the brain body connections by increasing the neural efficiency and neural timing of the brain and thereby increasing skills in:

·  Sensory Processing

·  Cognitive Processing speeds                  ·  Visual and Auditory processing

·  Reading and Math skills

·  General Learning

·  Motor Planning

·  Memory skills (working, short term,         long term, visual and auditory memory)

·  Reliability and Accuracy in performing     tasks

·  Executive Functioning

* Animal Assisted Therapy is available​

Cognitive Rehabilitation

Cognitive rehabilitation uses neuroplasticity to activate inactive pathways and or make new pathways to strengthen, compensate or recover brain functions due to injury, disease, learning disabilities, developmental delays, neurological disorders or aging.​ 

Integrative Listening System