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Welcome to the BrainAzium Blog

January 19, 2018


Welcome to the BrainAzium Blog we are happy to have you join us! Whether you are client, a friend or someone wanting to learn more about "exercising" your brain, just has many of us "exercise" our bodies, we will be providing the most current information about neuroplasticity, also known as cognitive therapy.


Did you know that until a few years ago neurologists believed that the brain stopped forming new connections as we passed through puberty. However, new research has overturned this mistaken view. Today it is recognized that the brain continues to make new connections throughout its lifetime. This is called neuroplasticity. With neuroplasticity we can train the brain, also called cognitive therapy. Cognition is the mental activities or processes that our mind uses to think, perceive, understand, recognize, learn, conceive, reason, experience and remember. We use our senses to take in this information and our cognitive processes to interpret them.

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